I’m Mel Rainsberger.

I’m an expert designer, UX leader, and motionographer that translates complex systems and concepts into experiences for everyday people. I focus on the ‘Why’ of we do what we do, while making it accessible, fun, and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work.

Because this is the truth: too much design is made for other designers

Design shouldn’t be made to be pretty, flashy, or “cool looking.” It’s purpose is to facilitate communication between presenter and audience, brand and customer, or institution and the people they serve. And when you put communication at the center of the design process, it supercharges the effectiveness of the whole design.

Design is art with a function.

“Mel knows just enough about everything to be dangerous.”

– Anthony Dihle
President, AIGA DC Board

Verizon: 5 Tips for Creating Meaningful Video for Your Startup

There’s a secret about online video that no one ever talks about: No one — -absolutely no one — is looking for ads on the Internet. Truly viral videos are playful kittens, sneezing babies and wedding accidents. That’s not to say you can’t make a great video, but you have to do more than just make a video and throw it up on YouTube.

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Amex: Should You Enter Contests To Boost Your Business’ Profile?

There’s a certain sense that if you’re in business, you should focus your time on building up your company as much as possible. Betting on anything less than a sure thing, in terms of increasing your business, can be tough to justify. But the fact is that a contest may be just the jump-start your company needs.

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I Tried To Sous Vide A Turkey: Something The Internet Convinced Me To Try

TL;DR — this works, it’s tasty, and it’s worth it if you’ve got the time and counter space. Be patient. That little, poorly reheated hunk was pretty darn good. Like a really decent pork chop in texture/moistness. Definitely leagues above the roasted turkey breast I’ve had. Should you sous vide? Yes.

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