From wireframe to websites,
storyboards to video, ideas to apps:
I make experience that convert users into lifelong customers

I’ve had a chance to develop interactive projects for:

I work in the hard industries: pharmaceutical advertising, insurance, and college promotions

For the last 20 years,
I’ve produced videos, animation, slide decks for everything from startups to Fortune 100 companies

One of my best skills is making engaging characters and motion graphics for companies like Amazon, Kraft, and RI Housing Works

Watch this swearing grandma that wants a land tank >

There’s even branding and re-branding

Logo, postcards, swag, and map for the first annual RI Statewide Scavenger Hunt

Rebranding Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s
iconic mascot, Gompei

I’m interested in chatting with you about:

1. Writing/Speaking Opportunities

I’m a veteran speaker. My best topics are accessibility, organizing design system, and motion graphics production. Oh, and I probably hold the world record for most Pecha Kucha presentations in a single year.

2. Consulting

There’s so many ways a project can go sideways. File organization, fundraising, timelines, and more can be sticky areas that stop a great idea from ever being born. I can help you work smarter from the start.

3. Making something cool

In my spare time (I swear I have spare time), I’ve taken on interesting projects for nonprofits, bands, apparel collectives, and more. Ever done a sand installation? I’ve done three.

Contact me to get started!