Back to School Campaign

Back to school and healthcare provider website updates for pharmaceutical company, including site map and interactive modules.

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RI Voting Campaign

Starting in 2018, this is an ongoing video campaign for the RI Secretary of State to inform the public about how to vote in person, online, early, during the pandemic, and participate in the primaries. All videos were made in both English and Spanish in order to be accessible to more to more Rhode Islanders.… Continue reading RI Voting Campaign

COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults

This video was created under the direction of Rational 360 and the for the Better Medicare Alliance. Rational 360 is located in the heart of D.C., Rational 360 delivers smart and data-driven communications. Strategic and Crisis Communications. Public Affairs. Digital Advocacy. The Better Medicare Alliance is leading research and advocacy organization supporting #MedicareAdvantage. Powered by… Continue reading COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults

WPI Mascot Rebrand

Worcester Polytechnic Institute came with a unique challenge: make their sports mascot (Gompei the goat) less aggressive-looking for their alumni and admissions campaigns. What followed was over a dozen videos, numerous illustrations, and an image that is still being used for daily college communications.

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The Responsible Communication Style Guide

Cover and interior design for the print and e-book. The words we use to talk about different situations, companies, and people The Responsible Communication Style Guide provides the tools, techniques, and terminology to write inclusively. Available in both print and electronic books, this guide covers race, gender, sexuality, well-being, and religion. It’s the desk reference needed… Continue reading The Responsible Communication Style Guide

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Since 2000, Selling on Amazon has been helping individuals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers. This video was created to explain the benefits for Fulfilled by Amazon service for both large and small volume sellers. While Amazon had a rough script (grandmother gets a gift they don’t want), all the art direction, animation,… Continue reading Amazon