I’m Mel Rainsberger.

Too many designers make work other designers love. They focus on aesthetics, pizzazz, and sparkle, over accessibility, effectiveness, and user enjoyment.

Too much design is made for other designers.
Me, though? I make work that everyone loves.

Design is art with a function


What Sketching Can Teach Us

There’s one piece of advice that I give to every single one. It can seem rather silly and inconsequential when your ultimate goal is to be a graphic designer or photographer or something that doesn’t “need” drawing skills.

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Amex: Should You Enter Contests To Boost Your Business’ Profile?

There’s a certain sense that if you’re in business, you should focus your time on building up your company as much as possible. The fact is that a contest may be just the jump-start your company needs.

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I Tried To Sous Vide A Turkey: Something The Internet Convinced Me To Try

TL;DR — this works, it’s tasty, and it’s worth it if you’ve got the time and counter space. But here’s how it can go wrong

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