How did you start working in UX design?

I started doing use experience design as an offshoot of my video/animation work. I worked with my clients and started experimenting on their emails, social media, and landing pages to see if that effected the video engagement rates. (It did)

From there I started working more with the total user experience and I found I loved working on the entire user journey and optimizing that experience.

Why did you start working in video/animation for the web?

First of all, I wanted to be a furniture designer. I actually took three years of woodworking in high school. However, I realized that I was too clumsy to pursue a life of woodworking. So, to keep my fingers, I switched to animation. It gave me a lot of the same processes as woodworking–conceptualizing, prototyping, execution, and it resulted in a product that could be enjoyed by a lot of other people.

I mostly found that finding video work for the web was a lot easier in the 2000’s. The tools were really accessible and I didn’t have to move to Hollywood to enjoy doing what I love.

Who’s in charge?

I have a very tight management team that helps me create award winning designs.

Mister Todd

Years of experience: 18

“Little Void” Elvie
Assistant to the
Supervisor in Training

Years of experience: 2

The Management

Years of experience: 18

What’s your favorite thing to work on?

I love helping folks solve problems! There’s so many interesting aspects of being a digital designer and I enjoy them all. I thank my lucky stars I my work combines design with storytelling, strategy, animation, and design into delightful experiences for many people.