Anyone Can Sell On Amazon

Client: Amazon Seller Services
Year: 2010
Agency: Genius Rocket
My role: Character Design / Stop Motion

About: Amazon Seller Services had a script they wanted produced for the holiday season–grandma gets an ugly Christmas sweater and resells on Amazon. At the same time, a larger retail store gets rid of extra stock through Amazon.

This video was created to explain the benefits for Fulfilled by Amazon service for both large and small volume sellers. While Amazon had a rough script (grandmother gets a gift they don’t want), all the art direction, animation, voice acting, music, and production was under my direction.

Notable: The marketing team at Amazon used an item that actually can’t be resold on Amazon–clothing. This meant that we needed to rapidly find a new, accessible object (the tacky leg lamp), and re-animate many scenes to make sure this ad still came out during the holidays. On top of it, I broke my foot right before Thanksgiving. Most of this animation is completed by me from a rolling chair with my leg in a boot.