Insurance Documents

Surround Insurance – Print Marketing

Client: Surround Insurance
Years: 2019 – ongoing
My role: Art Direction / Branding / Production

About: In addition to managing the website, videos, and some online marketing efforts, I produced many downloads and handouts for Surround.

First flyer to find users for testing at the CIC

Early Handout

Handout made available as a download to people interested in Surround but with little to no knowledge about insurance. Focus was on explaining what part of their life was covered.

Agent Handout – First iteration

Marketing document for agents and agencies to explain the value of offering Surround.

Agent Handout – Second iteration

Refined marketing document to better explain the millennial/gen z marketplace.

Agency Handout

This handout was co-branded with partner agencies and meant to be handed out by the agency to their prospect clients. A download was also made available with a special link that allowed us to update the document whenever we needed. Co-branding has been blanked out.

One important feature was the coverage limits and deductibles. Prospects could not get this in the early D2C experience and this allowed the agencies to have an advantage in the selling process.

Business Cards

Business cards for staff and founders.