Insurance Prospects

Surround Prospect Quote Flow

Project Overview

Timeline: 2019 – ongoing

Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Platform: In house developers

Deliverables: Full mockups, Animation, interactive prototype

My role: Design and test a quote flow that is fast and easy to use, while also going at a pace the user expects.

This page deals primarily with the consumer experience, how the agent works into this process will be covered in the agents section.

Early design for the sign up page

Simulation of the driver’s license scan process


Problem statement: Create an insurance quote flow that works for 25-35 years olds while still being compliant to insurance regulations in multiple states.

Solution statement: The quote flow should compress the information required into the smallest amount of screens and data fields possible.

Early Flows & Wireframes

Wireframe for sign up page with unique LinkedIn login
Payment page


Methods: Since we were creating an insurance product from scratch and we didn’t have a lot of existing customers, we tested designs on Usability Hub and watched user interactions on Hotjar.

Research insights: In a direct selling or organic situation, customers buy 60% of the time–a huge achievement for an insurance quote flow.

And while they may shop on their phone, a good desktop experience is also key because they make “important” purchases on the desktop.

Break down of brands that have a similar demographic (Starry Internet)
Design that was chosen through testing

Accessibility in Gender

Early on, we implemented a “preferred name field” in order to support transgender customers who may use a name that doesn’t match their legal name. This project was presented on February 20, 2020 at the Providence Venture Cafe’s Design Night.


User persona: Jessica was developed to help center marketing efforts. She’s 28, lives with a roommate, doesn’t drive but has a license. She likes biking when she can, talks with her parents when making financial decisions, and hopes to save up to buy a home someday. She is a digital native, but doesn’t know much about financial tech products.

Competitive Analysis: We have to provide a lot of information for them to read at their own pace, not talk down to them, offer a good price, treat them like an adult (don’t assume parents are part of this process), and we would become the insurance for Gen Z.

Flow explorations

Scope and Constraints

Scope: A quote flow for Gen Z.

Constraints: Must not seem deceptive or overly invasive.

New Products Design and Testing

As our user’s lives expand, so should our insurance products. Insurance can be a very complex experience. In order to understand how they understand insurance, we did some research to see what language model would assist them when buying additional coverages.

Early research included looking into best practices, competitors, similar industries, and products that are customers were likely to use.

Tested design for adding additional products
Design that was chosen through testing
Future icon designs
Tested design

Current Quote Flow

Revised Quote Flow
Updated LinkedIn Signup
New feature allowing prospects to add an additional named insured (spouse/partner)
Additional scheduled property coverage page (ability to insure individual valuables)
Billing page with ability to add parents as payees to policy
Mobile view of first page of quote flow
Mobile view add drivers license
Adjust coverages, mobile view

Next steps

The trick in a system like this is the complexity added by state to state regulations and making sure the quoting experience is compliant no matter what state a prospect lives in. Or where their license comes from. Or, as a third problem, where they may send their mail while living in one place with a license in another.

Additional Materials


Ad shown in bus shelters
Landing page for transit marketing


Various quizzes and interactive modules were developed in order to assess customers’ understanding of insurance and the risks they may have in their life.

The end result was The Customizer, a tool that allows customers to make their own pack and see the pricing in real time.