Insurance Agent Portal

Surround Agent Portal

Project Overview

Timeline: 2019 – ongoing

Tools: Adobe XD

Platform: Inhouse developers

Deliverables: A portal that is part of the B2B2C strategy that supports agents selling the modern insurance products millennials and gen Z are looking for.

My role: Encourage agents to use the online portal instead of calling/emailing

Simulate the search and start a quote functions


Problem statement: Create a portal for independent agents and agencies to sell Surround Insurance Packs.

Solution statement: Agent pages should match prospect and member pages. This way the agent can talk their customers through the portal without too much disconnect.


Interviews: Agencies that were looking to connect with younger customers. Also relied on the legacy knowledge of stakeholders from the insurance industry.

There was also a really useful article that filled in many gaps about what agents were looking for in an online agency service: Establishing trust in an online environment

Research insights: Agents need a system that could generate documents and let them connect directly with customers. See presentation at the top of the page.


User persona: 35-55 year old agent or agency owner that is aware of the power of the internet, has a client list of parents that will soon become empty nesters, and open to learning new technology.

Competitive Analysis: Agents really want to be able to directly call or email their customers. It’s really important to not get in the middle of that conversation and make it seem like we might take their customers.

Example of a partner page that sells Surround

Scope and Constraints

Scope: An online portal for agents to manage customers and generate new quotes.

In addition, create a set of training emails for agents to get acclimated to the system.

Constraints: Could not take over customer communications when selling insurance products. Must generate PDFs and not requirement much maintenance once customer has bought.

Next steps

Refine the documents agents and customers expect. Add more products to be sold without making the quote form unwieldy for agents.

Prospect page in the agent portal
Updated prospect page with link buttons

Additional pieces

Conferences / Live Presentations

In addition to online experiences, I created the tradeshow booth and materials to be presented at tradeshow and collegiate events.

B2B Videos

Emails sent to agents to teach them how to use the system and encourage them to add leads.