Insurance Agent Portal

Surround Agent Portal Project Overview Timeline: 2019 – ongoing Tools: Adobe XD Platform: Inhouse developers Deliverables: A portal that is part of the B2B2C strategy that supports agents selling the modern insurance products millennials and gen Z are looking for. My role: Encourage agents to use the online portal instead of calling/emailing Discover Problem statement:… Continue reading Insurance Agent Portal

WPI Videos

Worcester Polytechnic Videos Client: Worcester Polytechnic Years: 2012 – 2017My role: Directing / Art Direction / Motion graphics / Scripting / Storyboarding About: Produced over a dozen videos for Worcester Polytechnic institute for alumni and student campaign initiatives. Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a private research university in Worcester, Massachusetts, focusing on the instruction and research… Continue reading WPI Videos

Lady Project Summit

Lady Project Summit Client: The Lady ProjectYears: 2014 – 2017My role: Directing / Art Direction / Motion graphics About: Shot and produced videos of the Lady Project Summit. Including filming all keynotes, and producing an overview video of the whole event. Notable: One of our promo videos had 600 views for a 500 person event.… Continue reading Lady Project Summit

Insurance Videos

Surround Insurance Videos Years: 2019 – ongoingMy role: Directing / Art Direction / Script / Storyboarding About: In addition to being the Lead UX Designer, I created most of Surround Insurance’s videos. Types of videos include: agent, holiday, consumer, social media, and pitch videos. Notable: I was the voice actor on many of them as… Continue reading Insurance Videos


Client: AARPYear: 2005 – ongoingAgency: Genius RocketMy role: Art Direction / Motion graphics About: Video series pitching and explaining AARP’s travel services for seniors.

Canadian Invasion – Music Videos

Canadian Invasion – Music Videos Client: Canadian InvasionYear: 2005 – ongoingMy role: Art Direction / Motion graphics About: 4 music videos, 2 kickstarters, and various branding materials. Canadian Invasion is equal parts R.E.M., Fountains of Wayne, and the Buzzcocks, CANADIAN INVASION is a crack team of Philadelphia pop rock ‘n’ rollers.  Notable: Magnet Magazine called them… Continue reading Canadian Invasion – Music Videos

Housing Works RI

Client: Housing Works RIYear: 2011My role: Art Direction / Motion graphics About: This short, animation explains how a public investment in long-term affordable housing helps economic development while providing quality affordable homes to thousands of individuals and families.. Notable: Client created storyboards themselves using clipart.

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Beyonding Awards

Client: Precision EffectYear: 2018Report to : self directedMy role: Cinematography / Editing / Motion Graphics / Art Direction About: Created videos to highlight employees that received a Beyonding award. The annual Beyonding Event recognizes the Beyonders of the Year: those individuals who most exemplify the agency’s philosophy of ensuring that every interaction–with clients, partners or… Continue reading Beyonding Awards

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