Pharma Touch Screen Experience

AUVI-Q Touch Screen Conference Experience

Project Overview

Timeline: 6 months

Tools: Sketch, Invision

Platform: Inhouse developers

Deliverables: Full mockups, brand guidelines for illustrations

My role: Improve the online experience to deflect customer service calls

Site map with all the pages, downloads, and interactive elements


Problem statement: Rapidly produce conference materials for HCPs (healthcare providers) that educating them about AUVI-Q’s unique features and benefits.

Solution statement: A touch screen experience that would allow them to experience all the data and stories on one platform. The videos in the experience would highlight the founders’ stories and commitment to quality, USA-based manufacturing.


Interviews: HCPs and medical professionals were consulted. Many were weary of AUVI-Q due to it being self-pulled from the market after manufacturing and dosing issues.

They also were unsure that AUVI-Q could be a long-term medical device because they believed most children aged out of childhood allergies.

Research insights: Those interviewed were interested in AUVI-Q’s new American based facility and the people behind the device.

Example screen of manufacturing footage


User persona: A middle aged HCP with a pediatric practices specializing in kids with severe allergies. They’re aware there’s few options and want to give their patients something that is both more portable and more reliable that the current option.

Competitive Analysis: Many patients were frustrated by the only epinephrine injection on the market–Epipen. They were very open to messaging about alternatives.

Navigation module

Scope and Constraints

Scope: Create a robust touch screen experience that addressed all the HCPs concerns.

Constraints: This contract was awarded at the start of the fall holidays, and all the videos had to be scripted, produced, as well as the screen interface need to be designed, ready, and working perfectly by the beginning of January for a conference.

Pause screen, to enable conference sales reps to pause and talk to visitors

Next steps

Develop a full site that was ready for the back-to-school season.

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